Childcare Nation Tuition Sheet

Monthly installments must be paid in advance by the 1st of each month or the child will not be able to attend. All installments must be scheduled on Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover, or Check Debit Card. For accounting purposes, and in order to not have any lost funds, no cash or checks are accepted on site.

There is a $75.00 non-refundable registration fee per child. Regular Rates are $85.00 per day. We have prorated the discounted rates taking into account days we will not be in service. See Calendar. We serve 5-14 year-olds who are potty trained only.

Hours 7 am to 6:00 pm: You may pick up the child at any time.

Daily Rates

All daycare ----------$85.00 per day

Declined Credit Card Fee of $35.00: If you do not call in with a new card number by the 5th of the month. If monthly installment and late fees have not been paid by the 6th of the month we will not be able to watch your child until paid. If the child is dropped from the program for any reason, when the parent re-enrolls, there be another $50.00 registration/administration fee if there is room to add your child back into the program.

Late Pick-up Fee: When enrolling, you are agreeing to the $1.00 per minute late fee (after 6:00 pm pick-up time). Once you sign-out your child, we will go by that time to calculate the late fees. 

Financial Assistance

Sliding Scale

There are several financial assistance programs we can are qualified to accept.

      - Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP)

      - Project Self Sufficiency

      - Women Give

If you do not qualify for the above programs please look below for our sliding scale chart to determine your qualifications for tuition assistance.

Email or call our enrollment financial counselor William Black [email protected] or 970-744-9284. 

He will help qualify you once you send the information below:

      1) Copy of previous year’s tax returns for all people living in the same household. 

         (Example: if filing separately but living together)

      2) Last three months’ pay stub on each household member who is working. (If just started a job, most current pay stubs)

      3) Place of employment, phone number, and supervisor’s name

      4) Your sliding scale fees, based on the Gross Monthly Income Chart, are listed below.

Refer to discounted rates on the tuition sheet then decide which program is best for you. Calculate what your rates would be then apply additional % discounts according to your monthly income chart from below. To enroll please contact our office or email William Black at [email protected] 

Sliding Scale Fees Based on Gross Monthly Income of Entire Household

Household of 2

$3750.00 - $2650.00 10%

$2649.00 - $1601.00 20%

Less than- $1600.00 30%

Household of 3

$3800.00 - $2971.00 10%

$2970.00 - $1801.00 20%

Less than -$1800.00 30%

Household of 4

$4675.00 - $3359.00 10%

$3360.00 - $2069.00 20%

Less than - $2068.00 30%

Household of 5

$5050.00 - $3551.00 10%

$3550.00 - $2401.00 20%

Less than - $2400.00 30%

Household of 6

$5400.00 - $3811.00 10%

$3810.00 - $2766.00 20%

Less than - $2765.00 30%

Household of 7 and up

$5790.00 - $4071.00 10%

$4070.00 - $4011.00 20%

Less than - $4010.00 30%