Harmony Presbyterian Church

400 E. Boardwalk Dr. Fort Collins, CO 80525

Our biggest regards go out to Harmony Presbyterian Church staff for allowing us to use their child friendly facility. We are very grateful for their generosity. We thank them for all the joy they bring to our community. 

(Note: We do not teach religion or politics at Childcare Nation / 501-c3 Non-profit)


Childcare Nation 501-c3 Non-profit

Building Entrance / Ring our doorbell to pick up your child!

Welcome to Summer Camp @ Childcare Nation! Keep an eye out for our signs when dropping off or picking up your child. The arrows will point you to the east door for access.

The doors will always be locked for safety purposes. Please call the number on the door or use the doorbell for quick assistance in dropping off or picking up your child. 


970-663-5324 / [email protected]