“Children must be taught how to think, 

not what to think.”

— Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist


We realize that picking a childcare program is among one the most significant choices guardians make. Our team provides a natural, educational, and age-appropriate environment for your child. We believe in safety, fun play, and protection for childhood education. Our nonprofit personalizes education and communication techniques to meet your child's needs as they expand and grow at their own pace. We passionately sustain a professional environment to approach each child's cognitive levels effectively.

Meet Our Team

William Black - Executive Director

        Bill Black has been the owner of childcares, non-profits, and educational programs since 1981. He has a personal mission to offer the best Early Childhood Program on the market. Bill believes in building a can-do attitude from an early age, which will last a lifetime. If you think you can or if you think can't, you are right, are the lessons he teaches. Encouraging and rewarding children for their positive achievements and behavior will last a lifetime. When not working, he enjoys golf, billiards and spending time with family. God, family, work is his motto.

Sarah Mays - Executive Advisor

       Sarah Mays is the executive advisor of Childcare Nation! She started her career in Early Childhood Education then to school-age children before and aftercare. She is currently the executive director of the After School Kindness, Inc. Child Care Program located in Northern Colorado. She graduated in 2012 from Western Michigan University where she received a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with a double minor in Biology and Holistic Health. She found interest in working with children when she interned at a local pediatric therapy office. Seven years later, she has been continuing to follow her passion of working with the primary school children.  When she is not working she finds herself being drawn to the Rocky Mountains, skiing, hiking, and camping. We are fortunate to have Sarah as a valued member of our close-knit staff.

Samantha Black - Sales and Marketing Executive

        Samantha Black is an alumnus of The University of Colorado Denver. She received a bachelor's in Business Communications with a certification in Mediation and Conflict Management. As the daughter of the Executive Director, she has been working with children before and after school care since 2012. She volunteers her time to help oversee all aspects of the company creating quality assurance as we continue to grow our business and families. She is passionate about making a difference for the next generation of children by helping them grow in their earliest stages of life. In her free time, she enjoys cycling outdoors, snowboarding, mountain biking, and designing jewelry. Samantha prides herself on using the latest techniques and research methods to best meet the needs of the children. Her youthful excitement and zest for life inspires her passion for childcare and early childhood education.